Dr. Weiss is a licensed, board certified, Doctor of Chiropractic who graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. He is a respected Chiropractor with extensive knowledge and experience, and has been practicing in Wixom for the past 20 years. Dr. Weiss has also earned a Master’s Degree in the Instruction of Anatomy and Physiology. Dr. Weiss treats people of all ages; from birth – 90+ years old. Dr. Weiss has also been coaching high school football for as long as he has been practicing chiropractic, and has been head coach at Southfield Christian High School since 2011. Dr. Weiss and his wife, Carrie, reside in Commerce, Michigan and have been blessed with 3 children.

Meet Our Team

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Jennifer joined our team in January 2014.  She oversees the everyday operations of our office.  Jennifer is well trained and knowledgeable in every aspect of the practice.  She coordinates with patients to give them an understanding of their insurance coverage, and works to create an affordable plan for themselves and their families.  One of the most satisfying parts of Jennifer’s work is watching the progression of a patient’s care, from the commencement of their treatment to the day they achieve total healing.  Jennifer was the first person to join GET REAL Weight loss and is proud to say that it has changed her life. She has lost over 60lbs. through this program and continues to lose. Jennifer resides in South Lyon, Michigan with her husband, Robert, and their daughter.

Weiss Chiropractic Office Hours

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Nicole is licensed through the State of Michigan and received her training from Irene’s Institute of Myomassology in 2006. She has also received certification from Beaumont School of Allied Health in Oncology Massage. She has worked the past 8 years in a clinical setting at Beaumont and looks forward to customizing her massage to help clients reduce pain, tension and/or stress.

Kristy has been a Registered Dietitian for over 25 years, with her Master's Degree in Adult Education. Kristy has raised three active children and understands the struggles and demands of balancing a busy life with a healthy life.  She is ready to help equip you with the nutrition tools needed to get the most energy and best performance out of your day.

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